Stinky Drinky

Making fun of Japanese product names has gotten old, but this one was just bad enough to catch my attention.

Ironically, the product website "Pungency Project" (classic!) has a page called "What is Pungency?" Has a bunch of aroma experts blah blah blah -ing about pungency.

What they don't have is a dictionary. You know, where you might find that Pungency means IT SMELLS REALLY BAD.

pun·gen·cy definition

Pronunciation: /ˈpən-jən-sē/
Function: n
pl -cies ; : the quality or state of being pungent

pun·gent definition

Pronunciation: /-jənt/
Function: adj
: causing a sharp or irritating sensation
especially : ACRID
pun·gent·ly Function: adv


Chasing Skirts No Longer Same In Tokyo

Consider the evolution of trends... A few years back there was the Metrosexual. Last year in Japan we heard of the Herbivorous Man.

And now, we have the Skirted Man. (no offense to the Scots of course)

To find a skirt for the man in your life:
Read more here:


What's the Insight?

Kyodo News, via JapanToday, announced survey results today that 33% of adult Japanese men sit while urinating.



A couple of cool/ funny links about us advertising peoples:

ADWEAK is back in Twitter form

Check out the AD SLIDER from CMA (some funny Canadians)


Uniqlo's Tokyo Fashion Map

Fun, cool, interactive website from Uniqlo.

Tokyoites love fashion - from wacky to casual to super chic - and are constantly checking out and reporting (in mags, on TV) on 'local looks' - i.e., going to various Tokyo neighborhoods and looking at what people are wearing. With over 30 million residents in the metro area, there are lots of 'looks' to see.

1000, according to Uniqlo:


Uniqlo Bra Top

Here's a great ad from Uniqlo for their Bra Top (with built-in bra pads so for 'braless' support').

Very sexy, and functional at the same time:

This has become a huge hit here in Japan, followed up with an interesting website http://www.uniqlo.com/wire/ that features 100 models/girls showing of their bra top fashion.